24 hours in Cathedral City

Cathedral City, California – or “Cat City” for short – is a desert oasis tucked into Riverside County that is one of the best cities to spend time in if you’re in the area, even if you only have 24 hours. The city is packed with history and things to do, so be ready to get up early and go to bed late. There is plenty of lodging in the city, but you can’t go wrong with staying at the Welk Resort, which is an amazing choice due to the stunning views and proximity to all of the activities within the city. Book a room and then read on for the best things to do if you have 24 hours in Cathedral City.

24 hours in Cathedral City

Rise and shine meal

Cathedral City and the surrounding areas undoubtedly have some of the best restaurants you’ll find on the West Coast, and this includes breakfast shops and cafes. One of the best options in Cathedral City is Don and Sweet Sue’s Cafe, which is located on Ramon Road and has amazing typical American breakfasts like eggs, bacon, and hash browns, but also unique, out-of-the-box plates such as Waffle a la “Billy,” which is a waffle featuring blueberries and vanilla pudding. Or you could start your day at Tony’s Burgers, whose name is deceiving, as they not only sell burgers but also delicious breakfasts including a meat lover’s burrito and amazing English muffins. Be sure to get some morning java for your caffeine fix – you’re going to need the energy!

Sights and landmarks: visit famous graves

Frank sinatra grave, sonny bono grave, desert memorial park, visit, open, tourist, viewAs with the rest of the Palm Desert area, there are many sightseeing gems scattered throughout Cathedral City, so be sure to stop at at least a few. First and foremost, don’t miss Frank Sinatra’s grave site! What’s remarkable about it is how it is actually unremarkable – for such a legend, his and his wife’s graves are unassuming and you could easily miss them if you weren’t looking for them. The vibe is serene and it is quite a sobering experience to stand aside the grave of such a legend. Read our blog for details.

In the middle of the city, you will also find a statue of Charles “Buddy” Rogers, once known as “America’s Boyfriend.” Rogers made a name as one of the best actors and jazz musicians of his time, and he lived his last days in the Cathedral City region. In proper fashion, the statue features Rogers with a trombone.

Cathedral City is also home to the Big League Dreams Sports Park, which features baseball parks that are replicas of the Big League’s parks including Fenway Park and Yankees Stadium. The complex also has a huge indoor soccer field that is worth a look.

Art, history & exhibits to see in Cathedral City

Like history? Cathedral City has the place for you! Visit the Museum of Ancient Wonders, which houses unique artifacts from ancient civilizations including those from Greek mythology legends, ancient animal fossils, and other exhibits of prehistoric life. The museum is open daily and is definitely worth a stop.

More into art? Stop into the Leslie Jean Porter Gallery to see one-of-a-kind artwork and ask if any events are taking place that evening.

Courtesy: Museum of Ancient Wonders: Egypt exhibit

Family Activities in Cathedral City

Cathedral City features movie theaters, Boomers! Family Fun Club, and the Palm Springs Bowling Lanes, which all provide fun for all ages, but the city also has endless opportunities for outdoor fun. Cathedral City alone is home to eight community parks including Century Park which has a ball field, a “tot lot,” a tennis park, and plenty of shade for you and your group to relax in. Panorama Park is the largest in the city and offers a sand volleyball court, a basketball hoop, tennis courts, and numerous barbecue stands.

Eat (again)!

Let’s be real – food is good anytime. Regardless if it’s late morning, the middle of the afternoon, or nearing nighttime, Cathedral City has numerous restaurants to keep you well-fed. La Perlita has some of the best Mexican fare you’ll find around town, and Sammy’s Place is guaranteed to feed you delicious, authentic Italian meals. Umami Seoul serves up fresh Japanese food and sushi you don’t want to miss.

Rent some golf clubs and hit the links: Golf in Cathedral City

California, of course, has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, including the Cimarron Golf Resort at 67-603 30th Avenue. This Cathedral City landmark opened in 2000 and has won numerous awards throughout the years including a spot on the list of the most women-friendly courses in the Golf for Women magazine. You may want to play a round of nine in the late afternoon or during sundown, as you can then hang out at the clubhouse (“On the Rocks”), which has won the title of “Best Place to Watch the Sunset” by locals and visitors for multiple years due to the amazing backdrop of the San Jacinto Mountains.

Have some nighttime excitement at Roost Lounge or wind down with a fancy drink at One Eleven Bar before you go back to your room satisfied with all the Cat City memories you have just made!


Palm Springs Traveller Staff