Top 6 celebrity homes for rent in Palm Springs

Want to live in a celebrity’s home, literally? Go to Palm Springs, California! Countless high-profile actors, actresses, models, performers, businesspeople, and so on have named Palm Springs their home at some point, and several of their homes are available for rent to people like you and me. These homes come equipped with top notch amenities that match perfectly with their unique architecture, and many of them come adorned with memorabilia from the celebrities’ lives and works. Read on for the top 6 rental options!

Top celebrity homes for rent in Palm Springs

How to rent Merv Griffin Estate

Famously known for his so-relatable quote, “Unless it’s an emergency, don’t bother me after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends” (and his show that ran for over two decades), Mervyn “Merv” Griffin is undoubtedly a renowned TV and radio icon in the United States. While his main claim to fame are his media appearances, he is lesser known for his extravagant home at 81345 Avenue 54. This home is excellent for larger parties and events, as it boasts an impressive 13 bedrooms altogether and a massive swimming pool along with plenty of seating including massive sofas scattered throughout. The home, better described as an estate, also has a horse track and a 2-and-a-half-acre lake on which guests are allowed to take a boat ride. Guests can rent out Merv’s estate for around $8,200 a night.

Rent Elizabeth Taylor’s home

Elizabeth Taylor, known for her acting talent, purple eyes, and total of seven marriages throughout her lifetime, also had a home in Palm Springs. Deemed her “casita,” the home sits at the base of the mountains in the Las Palmas neighborhood and can be rented for approximately $550 for one night. The home contains memorabilia of her time in Hollywood as well as a lot of artwork, portraits, and paintings, which include some pieces that she completed herself. The main house consists of 3 bedrooms and a separate “casita” has another bedroom with its own bathroom. The property also contains a pool and a spa along with an outdoor kitchen and bar.


Stay at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house

One of the more well-known rentable homes in the Palm Springs area is associated with none other than Leo DiCaprio. The massive house is located at 432 Hermosa in Palm Springs and is unlike any other home in the area. Originally built for Dinah’s Place actress Dinah Shore, the house offers everything a group could need including technology upgrades (i.e., a retractable TV) and an enormous, unforgettable kitchen. Outside, you’ll find a small “casita” that has its own bedroom and bathroom plus a pool, a bar, and a tennis court. Despite the fact that the 6-bedroom, 7.5-bathroom home could contain countless trinkets and memorabilia from the Romeo and Juliet actor’s successful career, it unfortunately has no indication of Leo ever being there. You and your group can rent the home for the price of $4,500 per night.

Bing Crosby House courtesy

Visit Bing Crosby’s Estate

Harry Lillis Crosby Jr., better known as Bing Crosby, got his nickname from a comic strip in 1910 at age 7 and probably had no idea it would become a household name decades later. A lesser-known fact about the comic/singer/actor legend is that he also invested in Palm Springs real estate during the mid-century modern architecture boom. Later deemed the Thunderbirds Heights home, Crosby’s Palm Springs oasis sits at 70375 Calico Road on a 7,000 square foot plot of land and has hosted other notable people including John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, who are rumored to have had an affair together (the “casita” outside is nicknamed the JFK Wing because they are believed to have stayed there as a couple). The estate promotes fun, featuring entertainment both indoors and outdoors including a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, dartboards, a billiards table, a putting green, and plenty of seating for all visitors. Perhaps the most stunning features of this house are the furnishings, which are mostly handmade, and the upgrades that have been made to the home to accommodate today’s technologies while still remaining a Palm Springs mid-century modern icon. The price per night ranges from approximately $700 to $1,100 throughout the year.

Spend the night at Howard Hughes’ Estate

While renowned businessman Howard Hughes certainly had larger, more extravagant homes, he also owned his so-called “Mini Estate” in Palm Springs at the time of his death in 1976. Other celebrities such as prominent producer Paul Keyes held ownership of the estate throughout the years, but it can now be rented out at a price tag of approximately $620 a night. The home is tiered with a second story and features three bedrooms, a sundeck with breathtaking views of the surrounding desert landscape, and a sweeping staircase leading down to a pool and spa. The current owners have kept much of the original materials, including the original tiles and countertops throughout the kitchen and bathrooms, so guests truly get to experience the home the way it was when the mid-century modern style was booming.

Rent Frank Sinatra’s home

Finally, Frank Sinatra’s exquisite home at 1148 East Alejo Road is one you don’t want to miss. Sinatra moved into the 4-bedroom, 7-bathroom home in the late 1940’s and threw massive parties with high-profile celebrities and business people throughout most of the 1950’s until he divorced his wife and moved out. Now, you and your friends can rent the house for around $2,600 per night. It still has the original Terrazzo tiling, the original cabinets, and the unforgettable piano-shaped pool, which is believed to be the first one of its kind recorded and has even been used in a few television shows and films. People can also rent out the 4,500 square-foot residence for corporate events and parties.

If you’re visiting the Palm Springs region, forget the Holiday Inn and splurge to stay at a celebrity’s home!


Palm Springs Traveller Staff