Best Mid-century hotels in Palm Springs

Bored by basic chain hotels? Looking for something more vintage? Palm Springs has plenty of options to choose from when planning your stay. These older, mid-century modern hotels have retro charm  and all the comforts you’d expect.

The Best Mid-Century Hotels in Palm Springs


Orbit In

The Orbit In experience is one you won’t forget. The owners are very interactive with their guests – they even hang out at the hotel on the weekends and provide visitors with free “Orbitini” cocktails nightly around the pool. Constructed in 1957, Orbit In has 9 guest rooms and offers a salt water pool, mountain views, a hot tub, private patios, and much more. They even have a library with movies, books, and games! As for the Frey Lounge room, pictured above, for the ultimate in vintage cool


The Hideaway is sort of like a “sister” hotel to Orbit In. It also has 9 guest rooms and it features a lounge, a kitchen, and a swimming pool. Plus, you can’t get much more retro than the record players in the guest rooms! Hideaway offers healthy breakfast options and there are plenty of things to do nearby, including hiking trails and downtown eateries and shops, meaning you don’t need a car.

Del Marcos

Designed in 1947 and located in the oldest neighborhood in Palm Springs, Del Marcos is a charming two-story modernist building. This vintage hotel in Palm Springs has 17 luxurious rooms and a U-shaped courtyard, which the hotel says is built that way to encourage guests to talk to one another and become friends.

Desert Star

The Desert Star is a beautiful adults only home away from home. This mid-century joint refers to its five rooms as apartments not a hotel.Built in 1956 Desert Star is now “hosted” by a shoemaker and a sculptor. This spot is good for visitors who prefer more “low-key” living, and the city of Palm Springs recently named it a “Class 1” historic site.


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Palm Springs Rendezvous

Palm Springs Rendezvous may have been remodeled in 2008, but it certainly didn’t lose its mid-century charm. With a pink-and-turquoise theme and several retro rooms (including the Marilyn Monroe themed “Pretty in Pink” room), this hotel gives guests a definite 1950s-era feel. Diner-style tables and chairs line the dining room where guests are encouraged to interact with one another. As an added bonus, this lodging has recently become known for its awesome morning breakfasts.

Desert Riviera

Another getaway gem in Palm Springs is the Desert Riviera Hotel. It calls itself a “garden resort,” and it has done an amazing job of making major improvements while keeping the mid-century style. The grounds are very well-kept, hence the “garden resort” title, and this lodging is surrounded by palm trees, hummingbirds, mountain views, and much more. This hotel provides guests with countless amenities that are worth your while – they even let you rent golf clubs and bicycles!

Vintage Hotels Palm Springs

As you can tell, there are plenty of mid-century modern hotels in Palm Springs to choose from. Other than the aforementioned places, there’s also the Movie Colony Hotel, which offers the famous “Sinatra Suite,” happy hour, and a spa, Skylark, which features Danish furniture and a youthful atmosphere with pool parties and DJs on Fridays and Saturdays. The Monkey Tree Hotel is another cool vintage place to catch your breath, as  is Century Palm Springs.

So try thinking retro for your next stay; ditch the bigger chain hotels and stay in a small chic and vintage spot. While you’re there try vintage shopping; see our guide here.

Palm Springs Traveller Staff