Amazing Homes in Palm Springs Part 2 – more architectural eye candy


A few weeks ago we took a look at some fabulous homes in Palm Springs that can be easily seen on a self-guided driving or cycling tour. There are way too many homes we love and recommend for architecture and design buffs to fit into one blog, (and we haven’t even touched the amazing public buildings that are a must-see!), so here’s part two.

Must see Homes in Palm Springs:  Dr. Franz Alexander house, 1011 W Cielo Dr

This home (photo at top) by architect Walter White, looks like it hearkens back to the 60’s but in fact it was build well before that; it was build in 1955.  This home is on the National Register of Historic Places, and for good reason; it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen.  While it may seem boxy and utilitarian, it has a wealth of interesting and unique features, plus it’s situated on the property in such a way as you can get a great look at it from the road.

Must see Homes in Palm Springs: Palevsky House, 1021 W Cielo Dr

Max Palevsky, perhaps best-known for his connections to computer giant Intel Corp., once owned this modern gem just up the road from the Alexander house.

According to Palm Springs Architecture blog, “the house was based on desert houses in Casablanca that were white-walled compounds with structures set within rectangular walls, and it is beautifully integrated into its boulder-strewn site. Its minimalist aesthetic makes it one of the town’s most enigmatic structures.”

Must see Homes in Palm Springs: Leo DiCaprio/Dinah Shore House, 432 Hermosa

Not only can you get a good look at this property (photo at bottom) on a driving tour, you can actually rent it, so long as rates that start at $4500 per night don’t put you off.

This home, built on a secluded 1.3-acre desert lot is, according to the home’s website, “exceptionally private, and offers 6 bedrooms and 7½ baths between the main house, the guest house overlooking the pool, and the casita adjacent to the tennis court. The living room boasts fantastic scale, generous seating, a grand piano, fireplace, and cocktail bar.”

What you can’t see from the road, you can on the home’s website, which boasts gorgeous photos of most of the interior.  It’s a stunning property, and the opportunity to see it from the modernist exterior as well as peering legally inside via the world wide web is a combination that shouldn’t be missed!

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