Amazing Homes in Palm Springs Part 1 – Three must see properties

Kaufmann House

Kaufmann House

Palm Springs is an architecture lover’s dream.  There are many beautiful and important homes that are amazing structurally, plus there’s plenty of houses owned by Hollywood celebrities scattered throughout the city too.

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They’re easy to see; you can take a self-guided driving (or cycling) tour of them on your own, or get an expert guide.

1: Kaufmann House
This famous home is an architectural stunner, located at 470 W. Vista Chino.  Designed by Austrian-American architect Richard Neutra, it’s a designated historic site in Palm Springs. With its clean lines and gorgeous boulder-strewn front yard it’s a great first stop on your tour.

While you can’t go inside, or anywhere on the property, since it’s a private home, it is more than worth seeing from the curb.

Edris House

2: Edris House
Not far away is Edris house, also a historic home. Located at 1030 W. Cielo Dr, this house also blends seamlessly into its rocky, dry desert environment. Featuring gorgeous natural stone and sweeping roof lines that many Palm Springs modernist homes are known for, this house is a feast for the eyes.

3: The Ship of the Desert
This is one of the most notable homes in Palm Springs. Designed by architects Wilson and Webster, the 1936 house is imposing and streamlined…nautical modern, with many ship-like components such as a gangplank entrance stairwell; prow front; porthole window.  The home can easily be viewed from the street in the Mesa neighborhood, at 1995 S. Camino Monte.

Ship of the Desert

There are so many more amazing homes to see in Palm Springs, plus numerous public buildings that are both stunning and historic.  If you’re visiting Palm Springs, consider taking a self-guided driving tour from Modern Tours Palm Springs. They run daily using your smartphone and your own car, so they’re perfectly sited to folks who don’t want to board a bus or ride with strangers.

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