Top 5 Best Gardens in Palm Springs

When the desert heat gets to be too much, seek out shade and cool green space by heading to one of the amazing gardens in Palm Springs. Want to know which are the best gardens in Palm Springs? There are many beautiful, lush options.

Best Gardens Palm Springs – The Parker Hotel

Parker Palm Springs Garden best topGene Autry once owned this ultra chic, ultra private resort hotel in the far southeast corner of Palm Springs. The famous singing cowboy actor eventually sold it, but continued to live in a home near the rear of the 13-acre property.

In 2004 the property was taken over by the Parker group, and a full redo was done on the grounds. New plants like citrus trees and willows went in, and several special garden areas were created; English, French, a croquet area, as well as a relaxation space dubbed Palm Court. Even with a Jonathan Adler-designed renovation of the interior of the hotel, the grounds still manage to steal some of the show.

Take in the winding pathways, tall grasses, beautiful flowers and plenty of fruit trees; a stroll through The Parker’s gardens is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Be warned that staff have been known to limit access to the property to only registered guests, so you may need to take in the greenery from Norma’s, or the iconic front entry.

Best Gardens Palm Springs – Moorten Botanical gardens

This longtime landmark has been around since 1938, and has been a favourite of everyone who visits it. The garden is named after the Moorten family, who were all desert plan experts. They actually turned their home into a living desert plant museum with 3,000 varieties of plants  plus “The World’s First Cactarium,” which is packed with cacti and succulents.


Best Gardens Palm Springs – Indian Canyons

best hike Indian Canyon best garden palm springs california easy topWhen we think of desert landscapes we think of sand and cacti, so you’d be forgiven for wondering what could be lush and green about Indian Canyons.

This expansive park features several trails lined with palm trees, plants and desert flora that’s unique, not to mention that during some parts of the season, wide shallow rivers flow through Indian Canyons.

A number of hiking trails run through the park too, which you can navigate with the map they hand out when you pay to enter the park.

Honourable mentions Best Gardens Palm Springs – Living Desert in Palm Desert & Sunnylands

The Living Desert is a great attraction; it blends the best aspects of a zoo, with all the things we love about gardens. Stroll the wide and curving pathways and see gorgeous statuesque cacti, flowering bushes, majestic trees, and sprinkled among it all, fascinating desert animals.

The publicly accessible area of Sunnylands features a small but peaceful garden laid out in a wide sweeping arc. Cacti are shaded by trees and surrounded by tranquil water features. If you can book a spot on the full Sunnylands tour, you’ll be amazed at what’s hiding behind the secure gates; an 18 hole golf course plus grounds that were designed to remind the owners of their eastern USA roots, and block out anything and everything that would remind them they were really in a desert. (But that’s another blog!)

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Palm Springs Traveller Staff